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Orthodontic Retention

Types of Retainers

Hawley retainer: Brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste each time they are removed to brush your teeth. Polident or a mix of ½ water and ½ vinegar can be used to soak the retainers for an extra clean no more than once a week.

Clear retainers: Wash with soapy water when they removed to brush your teeth, do not use a toothbrush or toothpaste. Polident or a mix of ½ water and ½ vinegar can be used to soak the retainers for an extra clean no more than once a week.

Permanent retainers: Brush well around your permanent retainer to avoid any plaque or tarter build up. Floss your permanent retainer with super floss or a floss threader by threading the floss through the contacts of the teeth or threading it under the wire. Be sure to use a gentle force to avoid damaging this retainer.

Retention Phase

  • After your braces are removed you will be given retainers to maintain the teeth in the correct position.

  • Dr. Nickolaychuk and Dr. Kotyk will follow you for six months after your braces come off; after that point there may be a charge for each appointment.

  • It is the patient’s responsibility to book the two retainer check appointments. If one of these appointments is missed we will not be calling to reschedule the missed visit.

Wearing Your Retainers

  • It is important that you follow these instructions carefully. 

  • The first six months should be full time wear to allow the bone to stabilize around the roots of the teeth. The following six months should be night time wear every night followed by night time wear every second night indefinitely to ensure the stability of your teeth for a life time!

  • Soreness (if present) will only last a few days. If you have a localized sore spot after three or four days, call us for an appointment.

  • Remove them only to eat and brush your teeth.

Caring for Your Retainers

  • Do not bite your retainers into place! Use your fingers to place them.
  • When your retainer is not in your mouth, keep them in the retainer case given to you (not wrapped in paper or in your pocket).

  • Do not eat or drink when you are wearing your retainers.

  • Do not boil or heat your retainer, it may shrink and will not be able to be repaired!

Lost or Broken Retainers

  • If your retainers are lost or broken, an appointment is needed to take new molds of the teeth followed by a second appointment to deliver the new or repaired retainer.

  • The charge for the new or repaired retainer will vary depending on what needs to be done. You will be responsible for the Lab charge when coming to the first appointment to have your molds taken. This fee is billed directly from our lab; Dr. Nickolaychuk and Dr. Kotyk do not charge for this appointment during the six month retention phase.

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