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Office Policies Selkirk

Office Policies for Selkirk Orthodontics

The goal of providing orthodontic treatment at a satellite office in Selkirk, MB is to make treatment more convenient for our patients that live north of Winnipeg. One of the most common concerns that our out-of town patients express is the amount of time missed from work or school due to traveling to Winnipeg for orthodontic treatment.

Selkirk Orthodontics will be a satellite office where the team from Kildonan Orthodontics will perform the majority of a patient’s short-appointment orthodontic services. In order to accommodate the largest number of our patients in this satellite clinic setting, the following office policies will apply to Selkirk Orthodontics:

Please Show Up Early for your Appointment

If you are late for your appointment, it will have to be re-scheduled. Only short appointments are scheduled in Selkirk in order to make treatment as efficient as possible for the greatest number of patients. If you are late, then the next patient will already be waiting for their appointment.

We try our best to run on time, and if you are late then it is unfair for the remaining patients to have to wait. In addition, it does not leave us enough time to provide you with the proper treatment.

Dates of Service

Dr. Nickolaychuk or Dr. Kotyk and the Kildonan Orthodontics team will be traveling to Selkirk two Thursday's of every month. In the event that this does not work with your schedule, then you are welcome to schedule an appointment at Kildonan Orthodontics in Winnipeg, on a day that is more convenient to you.

Types of Treatment Provided

In an effort to make orthodontic services more convenient and accessible for our patients, we perform consultations, recalls, adjustment appointments, delivery of braces and retainer checks in Selkirk. These adjustment appointments comprise the majority of orthodontic care; hence, most treatment can be performed in Selkirk.

Diagnostic records, and removal of braces will be performed at Kildonan Orthodontics in Winnipeg. If a patient requires a significant amount of treatment (for example, more than three broken braces), then he/she will need to be re-scheduled for treatment at the Winnipeg office.


All patient contracts will be set up when the appliances or braces are delivered.  All payement types are accepted at the Selkirk location.  Any cheques should be made payable to Kildonan Orthodontics.

Dr. Nickolaychuk, Dr. Kotyk, and his staff look forward to providing you with the highest quality of orthodontic care in a more convenient clinic.

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